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The website will be available to you 24/7 as always (because it is Hosted by a professional Hosting company elsewhere in New Zealand) but it's just that I might not be able to access it to see your orders and act on them quickly because I don't know about them.

Normally the system, on which you place orders, sends me an email of the Invoice and of the Receipt immediately you place the order and pay and so I can react accordingly. Lately, there has been a delay of up to 8 hours, some days, before I receive the emails but, always, I have been able to see the orders listed in the CMS (Customer Management System - attached to the website (in a sense)) from the moment they have been placed.

With any difficulties for me with my weak rural internet access then I might neither be able to receive emails from the system nor see the orders on the system. I just have to wait and see, next week, from 20th September 2016.

There is an alternative Internet access provider who offers Wireless Internet access in that district off a mobile tower, but that means leaving Spark, with whom I have been for 44 years, non-stop. Spark cannot, currently, offer me an alternative to their copper cable phone line as the only way to provide Internet access at the address. 

The new physical address will be advised once stock has been transferred and electronic security is complete.


Graeme Fletcher,

Online Web Services Ltd,

T/A Gentlemens Corner,


New Zealand. 

Posted: Sun 18 Sep 2016