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Welcome to our new newsletter bringing you information about all that is new or on special at Gentlemens Corner.

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Why Are You Receiving This Newsletter

We are sending out this newsletter because you purchased something from us over the past  6 years and, for some customers, we have seen you visit many more times and purchase many more products over the years but, for others, we have not seen you again. Some of you simply have not been able to find us again so it is normal for us to remind you that we are still providing a vastly expanded range of products and assistance with queries on our website .

Our main areas of supply are as a Tobacconist and in the supply of Gifts and of Shaving Gear for Men. Both men and women are welcome on our site as most of the Gifts for Men are, of course, selected by women as presents for their loved ones.

Which Finest Grade Smoking Pipes Are Now Available in New Zealand.

The GBD is one of the finest quality briar pipes ever to be made available in bent and straight stem options.

The pipe gets its name from its original founders in Paris, France in the 19th century by Ganeval, Bondier and Donninger.

The pipes are now made in England and distributed here in New Zealand by my importer/supplier.

This is an exceptional range featuring the best in specially selected briar and finished to perfection by hand. 

You can see more at   

 Huge Discount Off Middle Eastern Shisha Pipes


With the recent arrival of a superb range of Middle Eastern shisha pipes from Iran, we have been able to secure a huge discount off the price of any of the range as shown at 

Shisha Pipe Large, 1 Hose

Shisha Pipe Large, 1 Hose with Ice Chiller

Shisha Pipe Large, 2 Hose

Shisha Pipe Large, 2 Hose with Wind Cover

 What's In Our Vast Range of Nautical and Brass Accessories for the Man Who Has Everything

Just cast your eye over the 3 pages of various Nautical and Brass accessories for the man (or woman) who has everything. Here are some beautifully made items that they won't already have. Get yourself in their good books with something like a brass time and tide clock (shown here). Every time they glance at it they'll remember you, if you were the one(s) that gave it to them and it's available in 4 different models for their colour scheme.

If not a time and tide clock, how about a beautiful replica brass compass for their desk or a spectacular brass telescope for their study. Hmmm... what else is there. Let's have a look at  

Which Straight Razor is the World's Best Brand For You?

Of course it is the DOVO brand from Solingen in Germany. This brand is unparalleled in its ability to hold a keen sharp edge for close, smooth shaving for the longest time before needing rehoning with one of their strops. The result is a very clean shave, so close that, for most men, a followup shave can be delayed another day. For swarthy beards, the closeness is far superior and more satisfying than that produced by any safety razor and produces a tidier look that still lasts longer than anything else.

Go on, have a look at a small selection of the many Dovo cut throats available here in New Zealand at 

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Posted: Sun 19 Mar 2017