Nautical and Brass Accessories

Nautical and brass gifts for the man who has everything.

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Brass Paper Knife
Brass and wood paper knife to open the mail.
NZ$ 25.70 each
NZ$ 24.95 each
Brass Magnifier
Brass and wood magnifying glass to examine the mail.
NZ$ 39.50 each
Wood with Brass Inlay Captains Trunk Money Box
Wood with brass inlay Captains Trunk money box
Dimensions: 140mm X 65mm X 75mm
NZ$ 32.60 each
Brass Bosun's Whistle (Boxed)
Pipe the Captain aboard with this functioning replica nautical whistle presented in an elegant wooden box.
One only per box.
NZ$ 26.16 each
NZ$ 24.95 each
Key Rack Brass
Solid, high-polish brass "Keys" key rack with 5 hooks.
NZ$ 28.80 each
Brass Compass in Wooden Box (70mm Square)
A functioning compass set into a beautiful wooden box inlaid with brass in a nautical theme.

Width 70mm
Depth 70mm
Height 30mm.
NZ$ 25.95 each
Brass Pocket Compass 36mm
Well presented working brass pocket compass.
36mm in diameter.
Folding lid.
NZ$ 19.95 each
Brass Pocket Compass 50mm
Well presented working brass pocket compass.
50mm in diameter.
Folding lid.
NZ$ 23.40 each
Importer Out of Stock
Brass Pocket Compass 65mm
Well presented working brass pocket compass.
65mm in diameter.
Folding lid.
NZ$ 29.00 each
Brass Pocket Compass 76mm
Solid brass pocket compass.
Diameter 76mm
Folding lid
NZ$ 47.35 each
Brass Brunton Compass 76mm
Magnificent working 3inch (76mm)Brass Brunton Compass.
NZ$ 74.00 each
Antique Military Compass 50mm
Elegant 2 inch (50mm) diameter antique brass working military compass.
NZ$ 44.50 each
Brass Gimballed Compass in a Box (110mm Square)
Beautiful brass gimballed compass set in a nautical themed stained wood and inlaid brass box.
Dimensions: 110mm X 110mm X 80mm high.
NZ$ 84.36 each
NZ$ 79.95 each
Brass Gimballed Compass (17cm High)
Handsome functioning 170mm high brass gimballed compass on wooden base.
Just the thing for the nautical man's desk.
NZ$ 62.50 each
Brass Ship's Wheel Compass (240mm Diameter)
Working compass in a brass ship's wheel set in 24cm square wooden and brass inlaid base.
NZ$ 55.60 each
NZ$ 54.95 each
Brass Compass in Wood Base (140mm Diameter)
140mm brass working compass in wood base.
NZ$ 43.35 each
Brass Compass and Sundial (110mm Diameter)
Beautiful 110mm diameter brass working Compass and Sundial.

Incredible detail and quality manufacturing.

An impressive gift for a man.
NZ$ 84.95 each
Brass Binnacle Compass (500mm High)
20 inch (500mm) high superb stained wood and brass compass binnacle.
NZ$ 345.00 each
NZ$ 299.00 each
Brass Ship's Telegraph (180mm High)
All brass and wood ship's telegraph station produced with quality and detail.
Just the present for the nautical man.

180mm high and 70mm wide.
NZ$ 62.50 each
Brass n Copper Divers Helmet (100mm High)
Well presented, 100mm high, brass n copper (plated) Divers Helmet.
NZ$ 55.60 each
NZ$ 54.95 each
Brass n Copper Divers Helmet (200mm High)
Fantastic, detailed, 200mm high, brass n copper (plated) Divers Helmet.
NZ$ 143.00 each
NZ$ 134.95 each
Brass N Copper Divers Helmet Full Size
Full Size Brass N Copper (plated) Divers Helmet. Absolutely stunning for the man who has everything but his own diver's helmet.
Must be ordered in advance of the next shipment.
Presold manufacturing orders only, except that there is one only in stock right now so grab it quick.
NZ$ 966.00 each
NZ$ 899.00 each

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