Partagas Serie P No. 2 (Pack of 3 A/Ts)

Partagas Serie P No. 2 (Pack of 3 A/Ts)
Variant Names: Piramides (Pyramid)
Length: 6.1 in (156 mm)
Ring Gauge: 52 (20.57 mm)
NZ$ 233.00 including GST
pack of 3 A/Ts
No Longer Imported

Before Lighting up: Very cool Tubes to take outdoors.

Burning: The pyramid size is highly demanded and appreciated, allows smokers to taste all the nuances in Partagas special blend.  This brand stands out for its unique flavor and character, its high quality standards at every stage and a brand image that happily combines tradition, modernity and class thus building up a trend for years to come.