Rizla Regular Green Single Rolling Papers Carton

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Rizla Regular Green Single Rolling Papers Carton
Rizla Green Regular Rolling Papers are made from medium thin rice paper with cut corners on both sides, making them very easy to roll with.
They have a low taste intensity and burn slow and evenly and come in a small dispenser, which will fit into any rolling tobacco pouch.
NZ$ 51.06
NZ$ 50.00 including GST
carton of 100 packs
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Rizla papers are FSC Certified which help to maintain the world's most important forest resources.
Regular Green Rizla use only the finest quality natural Arabic gum on their papers.
A paper slip folded in with the leaves reminds you when you're running low.
One single pack contains 50 rolling papers.

•Rizla Green Regular
•Medium Thin Cut Corners
•Arabic Gum
•50 leaves per pack
•Box contains 100 packs
•Size: 70x35mm
•Material: Rice Paper