Falcon Standard Bowl, Billiard-Shape, Smooth Finish (Bowl Only)

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Falcon Standard Bowl, Billiard-Shape, Smooth Finish (Bowl Only)
Falcon bowls are made in England from quality Briar wood.
They are designed to screw into the Falcon Standard or International pipe stems only and allow the use of interchangeable bowls helping to protect the life of the bowl.
They do this by permitting the natural cooling of a used bowl back to room temperature before reuse while not restricting the pipe-smoker to have to wait for the bowl to cool.
He can now use a replacement bowl only rather than having to use another complete pipe.
This is an industry-standard, Billiard-shape bowl with a smooth finish.

Bowl Material: Briar
Shape: Billiard
Finish: Smooth
Meerschaum Lining: No
Bowl Height: 34mm
Bowl Width: 32mm
Smoking chamber diameter: 17mm
Bowl Weight: 20 grams
NZ$ 79.00 including GST
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