Zippo Zipper Black Ice

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Zippo Zipper Black Ice
Zippo Black Ice®
For years, people have been coming to Zippo with design ideas that they would like to see on a Zippo windproof lighter. This year, we gave them a chance to make this dream a reality with the Design A Lighter contest. The goal of the contest was to discover fresh designs that might someday be used on a Zippo lighter.
Genuine Zippo windproof lighter with the famous Zippo lifetime guarantee.
Made in the USA.
NZ$ 89.95 including GST
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by Joseph DeBono of Malta
When asked what inspired his winning design, DeBono explained, “Like George G. Blaisdell, I toyed with the word zip and several ideas came out of that…I came up with like five ideas on how to do ‘Zipper’. I finally decided on doing the zipper on the lid and I did my best to make it look attractive. I wondered if it would be better with Zippo written somewhere, so I just embossed it on the clip.”