Zippo Pink Matte

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Zippo Pink Matte
Five dazzling new colors complement Zippo’s rainbow palette of PVD and matte lighters. Candy Apple Red and Cool Kiwi are translucent powder coats that allow the lighter finish to show through. Basic black is back in a rich semi-gloss finish on Licorice. Purple Shimmer sparkles in a metallic powder coat, and Pink Matte blushes with color.
The bottom stamp assures the authenticity of every Zippo lighter. In 2003, Zippo began lasering the powder coating off the bottom of all matte lighters to reveal the Zippo logo and date code information.
Regular profile solid brass Zippo with pink matte powder coat finish.
Genuine Zippo windproof lighter packaged in a black cardboard box with the famous Zippo lifetime guarantee.
Made in the USA.
NZ$ 59.95 including GST
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