Falcon Classic (Large) Bowl, Snifter-Shape, Rustic Finish (Bowl Only)

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Falcon Classic (Large) Bowl, Snifter-Shape, Rustic Finish (Bowl Only)
The Falcon Classic Snifter bowl was given its name from the Snifter Brandy glass, with its wide base and narrow rim shaped almost like a pear, for those who prefer a larger bowl that sits nicely in your hand, this could be the perfect bowl for you.
All Falcon pipe bowls come non-carbonised.
The bowl is the heart of a good pipe and only the finest Mediterranean briar and Turkish meerschaum is used for all Falcon Bowls.
The Unique 4-Start thread on a bowl enables it to be removed from the stem with a quarter turn.
The Falcon Classic Snifter pipe bowl is available in smooth or rustic (optional meerschaum lining).
Remember, all Falcon Standard or Classic (Large) bowls are interchangeable with all Falcon Standard or International stems.

Bowl Material: Briar
Shape: Snifter
Finish: Rustic
Meerschaum lining: No
Bowl height: 41mm
Bowl width: 39mm
Smoking chamber diameter: 22mm
Bowl weight: 31 grams (approx.)
NZ$ 89.00 including GST
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