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Online Mens GiftsMens Gifts
Gentlemens Corner provides the finest in quality gifts for men: leather wallets, gloves and belts, ties, cuff links,
money clips, hip flasks, umbrellas, walking sticks, nautical and brass accessories, business and credit card holders,
barware (including yard glasses) in Auckland, New Zealand.
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Online Mens Personal Care
Gentlemens Corner provides the best quality personal care for men: Mens Personal Care
shaving gear (including Dovo and Merkur razors
from Germany), shaving brushes (including Vulfix),
shaving creams (including Taylors of London),
other toiletries (including toilet bags), fog-free shaving mirrors and healthcare.

Use the lower pale blue/grey menu at the left and "Mens Personal Care" to find the products that you want.

Online Tobacconist
 Smoking Needs
This online tobacconist
 supplies the needs of all in NZ
offering a range of pipes
and all other requisites: 
papers, rollers, filters, lighters - gas and fluid (including all 2013/14/15 Zippo), flints and fuel.

Use the lower pale blue/grey menu at the left and "All Smoking Needs" to find the products that you want.

Mens Personal Care Information
Gentlemens Corner provides cut-throat (straight/hand) and safety razor skin preparation, shaving
and shaving gear maintenance information to help you get better satisfaction from shaving
(yes - it is possible) and a long life from your shaving gear.
There is a useful link to information on getting a longer, more enjoyable life out of your body
and even a product to help.
Use the upper dark blue/grey menu at the left and "How to Enjoy Your Shave" or
"How to Enjoy Good Health" to find the pages that you want.

Online Services
The on-line services are second to none and the staff strive to provide the fastest response for all customers from New Zealand and Australia.
We do not supply outside these two countries.

The retail shop in Victoria Park Market is now closed permanently. 
All services
transferred to this website only.

 This site is strictly R18. If you are under 18 years of age please click here.



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 On this website there is also the largest range of:Comoy Pipe


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Please phone us on Auckland (09) 412-5225 (NEW NUMBER) for assistance and service. We would be pleased to help you.

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