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VPM Shop Closed Permanently

The shop that has been in Victoria Park Market for nearly 20 years is now closed but everything from before plus more is now available here for you to view and purchase without any time-wasting journeys, parking hassles or endless searching for its location.

Now Shop 24/7 via the Internet

Just choose from the 5 simple categories bottom left under the main menu and you have entered the online shop.

Add items to the secure shopping cart provided and, when finished shopping, head to the Checkout option shown at the bottom of the shopping cart.

Choose your freight option for the best delivery method and then choose your secure payment option via New Zealand's best and latest Payment Gateway - DPS/Payment Express - by account-to-account bank transfer or by credit card (MasterCard or Visa) into their secure account.

I receive payment on the next business day and will dispatch your chosen goods to you as soon as possible via your chosen freight method.

All very quick and easy - we have so many satisfied customers from our 5 years with this website.

Go ahead and try it out - or, by all means, ring me - Graeme Fletcher - on Auckland (09) 412-5225 for more information on any product or service offered.

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Posted: Wed 11 Jun 2014