Leather Clutch Purses

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The man's great carryall.

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  • Baron Black Leatherette Clutch Bag
    Side Compartments:

    This timeless genuine leatherette bag, styled by Baron in New Zealand will hold everything a man needs. Two distinct zipped side compartments make for easy access when shopping, travelling or out and about. An extra outer magnetic pocket, provide the perfect place for sunglasses or cellphones.

    Internal Compartment:

    Inside this spacious bag you'll find a handy pouch, separate from the internal bag. As well, there is an internal zipped compartment.


    Closed Sizing: 150mm high by 220mm wide and 50mm deep
    NZ$ 110.00 each
  • Buxton Leatherette Clutch Purse Black
    Quality black leatherette Buxton clutch purse with zippered compartment including:
    * Document compartment
    * Zippered cash compartment
    * Pen holders
    * Credit card slots
    * Banknote storage
    * Sunglasses/mobile phone exterior compartment
    * Zippered exterior compartment
    * Zippered bulk storage for toiletries as shown.
    * Proprietory photographic display articles shown in photo.
    NZ$ 135.00 each
    No Longer Imported