Gas Lighters

Various types and brands of butane gas lighters usually featuring electronic ignition.
  • Economy Gas Lighters (Boxed)
    Gas lighters supplied in a branded presentation box
  • Economy Gas Lighters (Loose)
    Various brands of gas lighters of Chinese origin but of great quality and with many amazing features. Supplied loose.
  • Zippo Bluflame Gas Lighters
    Zippo's new flint-ignited butane gas lighters. * * * * STOP PRESS * * * * The holders of the exclusive importing agency for Zippo into New Zealand have decided to no longer bring the Zippo, gas butane-fuelled, Bluflame range in. It is no longer possible to obtain this range here and there would be warranty and support issues if you were to bring them in yourself. The huge, everchanging range of liquid naptha-fuelled, weatherproof Zippo lighters is unaffected by this decision.
  • Economy Gas Lighters (Miniature Replica Guns)
    Lighters that are moulded in the shape of a miniature version of a famous gun. Some even have toy (harmless) lasers and white torch lights built in.