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Good quality shaving mirrors including those with heated anti-fog displays.

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  • Zadro Z200 Shave Mirror
    Optical quality fogless shaving mirror with digital clock and versatile mounting options.
    Lighted fog-free shower mirror with LCD clock.
    Unbreakable mirror digital LCD clock with alarm LED lights auto shut-off after 5 mins.
    Silver finish.
    Wall mountable.
    Single razor holder.
    16.5 x 13.3cm.
    Quality product from the USA.
    NZ$ 69.00 each
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  • Zadro Z500 Shave Mirror
    6" circular fogless Shaving mirror with adjustable magnification up to 5X.
    Suction cups included.
    Fog-free shower mirror with adjustable magnification.
    Unbreakable mirror.
    1 – 5 x magnification
    White finish.
    Three suction cup mounts.
    Twin razor holders.
    15.2cm diameter.
    Quality product from the USA.
    NZ$ 45.00 each
    Importer Out of Stock
  • Zadro ZM01 Shave Mirror
    Zadro permanent fogless shaving mirror.
    Break resistant optical quality mirror with a clear acrylic frame and suction cup mounting.
    This Zadro mirror also has "self healing" capability for minor scratches which will disappear when exposed to moisture.
    Fog-free suction cup mirror.
    Unbreakable mirror.
    2 x magnification.
    Acrylic finish.
    Adheres to any surface.
    14.6 x 12.1cm.
    Quality product from the USA.
    NZ$ 29.00 each
    Importer Out of Stock
  • Zadro ZW20 Shave Mirror Grey
    This fogless, water-filled, shaving mirror includes built-in super bright LED lighting and a holder with room for up to 3 razors or shower accessories.
    Suction cups and double-sided tape included.
    Grey Fogless Water Mirror.
    Unbreakable mirror lit by 4 bright LED lights.
    Flexible accessory holder.
    Simply lift the mirror fill with water and place back on base.
    Three suction cup mounts.
    12.7 x 15.9cm.
    Quality product from the USA.
    NZ$ 89.00 each