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Packets of locally-grown seeds and all the equipment to prepare your own tobacco for smoking.

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  • Tobacco Seeds for Your Planting
    Tobacco seeds to grow your own tobacco here in New Zealand's temperate climate.
  • Tobacco Cutting Machines for GYO Tobacco
    Having grown your own tobacco, now you need to cut it or shred it into a format able to be loaded into cigarette tubes so that your homemade cigarettes look like tailor-mades or you may just want your tobacco shredded for RYO cigarettes. These machines will allow you to do just that yourself. These machines are not built as high-volume cutters and are only suitable for personal use.
  • Cigarette Tubes for Grow Your Own Tobacco
    Having grown, dried and cut your own tobacco, now you need something to smoke it in. A cigarette tube consists of a regular (8mm) diameter (15mm long) filter included at one end of a pre-rolled, empty cigarette paper of a total length of 84mm. They are loaded with tobacco using a loader or injector or "shooter". Special reinforced packaging is required to help protect the carton and tubes from crushing in transit, For NZ Couriers please select at least an E40 Express bag per one or maximum two cartons (containing 200 tubes) or two or maximum four cartons (containing 100 tubes). For larger orders please select the geographic area ticket for your address from NZ Couriers so that an outer carton can be used.
  • Cigarette Tube Loading Machines for GYO tobacco - AKA
    Having cut your tobacco and got your cigarette tubes, now you need to load them.
  • Tobacco Flavouring
    Products to flavour your home-grown tobacco.