Pipe and Tobacco Storage

Storage for pipe tobacco and pipes.

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  • Pipe and Tobacco Leather Pouch (200mm Long X 100mm High)
    High quality soft black leather pouch, zippered and lined compartment for tobacco and separately zippered compartment for your pipe.
    Width 200mm.
    Height 100mm.
    Actual product excludes the pipe shown in the photograph.
    NZ$ 69.95 each
  • Pipe and Tobacco Brown Leather Pouch (200mm Long X 100mm High)
    Good quality pipe (two pipes will fit comfortably) and pipe tobacco brown leather pouch
    Zippered bottom compartment that holds two pipes.
    Zippered top compartment with liner for pipe tobacco.
    Zippered side pocket for filters etc.

    Width 200mm
    Height 100mm.
    NZ$ 80.50 each
    NZ$ 79.95 each
  • Pipe and Tobacco Leather Pouch with Flap
    Quality black leather 4-zippered, lined pouch for tobacco and your pipe.
    Finished with covering flap.
    NZ$ 75.00 each
    Importer Out of Stock
  • Aztec Pipe And Tobacco Pouch
    Aztec genuine sheep leather pipe and tobacco pouch.
    This soft leather pouch has top and bottom zip compartments, the top for approx 25g of pipe tobacco which is lined to keep your tobacco fresh, the bottom compartment allows for storage of your pipe when not in use.
    NZ$ 25.00 each
    Importer Out of Stock