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A large range of superior quality classic down to economy brands of pipes imported from around the world. For information on the care and correct use of your pipe of any brand you are referred to the Peterson of Dublin page

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  • Dr Plumb Pipes
    The world famous Dr Plumbs have been manufacturing quality pipes from the finest available briar for almost two centuries. They have manufactured pipes in London, the Pipe making capital of the world since 1825, making them one of the most famous British pipemakers.
  • Peterson Pipes
    Peterson pipes are made in Dublin from the finest quality briar wood. All fitted with nickel mounts and army style mouthpiece. Various models to choose from with a choice of highly polished or rustic finish. The standard Peterson system reservoir traps moisture, resulting in a perfectly dry smoke.
  • Don Gustavo Safari Pipes
    European quality pipes for the connoisseur. Designed and manufactured in Italy with Italian style. With an unusual, acrylic, tortoiseshell-like mouth piece and featuring the finest briar bowls.
  • Falcon Pipes
    Falcon pipes are made in England with quality Briar wood bowls. There are various sizes and shapes in the first two ranges of Falcon pipe: the Standard and the International, both of which have stems made of cast aluminium and mouthpieces made of black acrylic. The bowls, however, while being made of quality briar wood, have the unusual distinction of being interchangeable between all the stems of both ranges. Falcon was the first manufacture to apply the scientific principles and precision engineering to pipe design, so creating a revolutionary system, which provides a cooler, smoother, cleaner smoke. This is achieved in several stages: *The central plug allows the right amount of smoke (but not tobacco) to pass through. *The special aluminum "humidome" cools the smoke by condensation. *The 'goo' is trapped below the stem line to give a clean smoke. *The central cooling tube is made from aluminum only .008" thick, yet incredibly strong. *This allows smoke to
  • Barling Pipes
    Since 1812, Englands oldest pipe maker has established a fine reputation for creating fine briar and African Meerschaum pipes. Using Algerian briar and air-curing the pipes for years, Barling was able to create exceptional pipes on par with the Dunhills of the day. By the turn of the century and right up until the company was sold in 1960, pipe smokers all over the world sought out the name "B. Barling & Sons", knowing they were purchasing one of the best smoking pipes the world had ever known. Beginning in 1960, after numerous location and quality changes, the Barling Company entered a transitional stage. However, shortly thereafter, the company now referred to as The New Barling company was more concise in its numbering and branding of pipes and more assertive in bringing back the old quality and standards from the pre-transitional period.
  • Keyser Pipes
    Made in London, England, specially for the South African market, has been around for many years – and is traditionally a firm favourite with farmers due to its sturdy construction and virtually unbreakable Vulcanite mouthpiece. The patented features of the Keyser pipe are the aluminium condensing chambers in the shank and mouthpiece, together with the protruding aluminium tubes from shank and mouthpiece. There being no connection between these tubes, moisture is trapped in the two chambers keeping it away from the burning plug and helping to prevent a damp, odorous plug (the "dottle") being left behind after smoking.
  • Corncob Pipes
    Pipes made in the Traditional corncob shape straight out of Missouri.
  • Economy Pipes
    For those who wish to try out good quality briar pipe smoking with an economical approach.
  • Mini Pipes
    Quality mini pipes in briar wood.