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Siglo is a quality brand in cigar accessories and well respected in the cigar-smoking fraternity.

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  • Siglo Cigar Cutter - CC Twin Blade Cutter
    Made of Japanese stainless steel, the Siglo CC Cutter is sharp and endurable. Tailor-made screws and blades make it a slim fit cutter with a good hand feel.
  • Siglo Cigar Cutter - Switch Blade Cutter
    Like Switchblade knives, the sliding blades of the Switch Blade Cutter open automatically by simply pressing the button at the top. Grooves on the button avoid slipping. Made of zinc alloy and with gunmetal finish, this SIGLO Switch Blade Cutter is heavy and masculine.
  • Siglo Cigar Cutter - Twin Blade Cutter
    The Siglo Twin Blade Cutter which comes with a small velvet pouch, cuts your cigars sharply without any frays. Made from high quality stainless steel blade, the cutter was tested with 100 cigars to ensure that each cut is perfect and that the blade remains sharp even after the 100th cigar.
  • Siglo Cigar Cutter - Crystal Bullet Punch Cutter
    Made of alloy and brass, the new Siglo crystal bullet cutter is inspired by the shape of a bullet, one of the most masculine symbols.
  • Siglo Cigar Cutter - Guillotine Cutters
    This Siglo cutter brings style and sophistication to the mundane cutter. Often times, many cutters damage the taste of the cigar due to the bluntness and the messiness the blade creates. Manufactured in Seki, Japan, this SIGLO Seki Cutter is equipped with a blade masterfully forged by katana craftsmen. This slick cutter allows smokers a clean swift cut to their cigars with one sharp cut.
  • Siglo Cigar Cutter - Swivel Punch Cutter
    In response to our Fans' high demand, SIGLO presents the new generation of Swivel Punch Cutter with 3 punching sizes. The three punchers are made of quality stainless steel that give a clean and sharp punch to a cigar of 42 to 56 ring gauge.
  • Siglo Cigar Cutter - Keychain Punch Cutter
    The Siglo Keychain Punch Cutter doubles up as a key chain thus solving the hassle of carrying both a cutter & a key chain.
  • Siglo Cigar Scissors
    The Siglo Cigar Scissors are made with surgical steel blades for precision cutting.