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Quality gas lighters from Siglo specifically for the lighting of cigars.

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  • Siglo Retro II Streamliner Lighters
    Inspired by the beauty & style of a bygone era, this new jet flame lighter model from the SIGLO retro series - SIGLO Streamliner - replicates the beautiful streamline design of the art deco period.
  • Siglo Bean Lighters
    Inspired by the shape of a bean, this Siglo bean-shaped lighter is stylish and masculine. The couture of the lighter fits perfectly in your hand. With a flick and a press, the lighter is ignited. This new Siglo lighter is easy to use.
  • Siglo Retro Streamliner Table Lighters
    Following the shapes and major functions of the Streamliner, this Mega Streamliner is designed for table use. Stylish yet sporty, the SIGLO Streamliner lighter is a triple flame lighter for a quick burn of your cigars.
  • Siglo Triple Flame Lighters
    To cope with the trend of bigger cigars, SIGLO has recently launched a beautiful lighter with triple flame. The triple flame makes lighting a cigar more efficient.
  • Siglo Chrome Lighters - High Altitude
    Strong, Masculine, Chrome - these are the words to describe the SIGLO Chrome Lighter. Electroplated with chrome silver and enameled black, these SIGLO Chrome lighters are one of the most masculine series of lighters SIGLO ever had.
  • Siglo Mini Torch Lighters
    The Siglo Mini Torch lighter is handy and has a large gas tank for gas storage. Perfect for casual and sporting occasions.
  • Siglo Mother of Pearl Lighters
    Slim and elegant, with an inlay of 3 pieces of precious mother of pearl, this Siglo jet flame lighter is perfect for a dressy night out.
  • Siglo Oval Table Torch Lighters
    Beautifully symmetrical and in a range of sharp colours, the SIGLO table torch lighter embodies both beauty and usability.