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Elements Rolling Papers are made from natural earth friendly materials: rice and sugar. They are not produced by using harsh chemicals or burn agents. They burn with virtually zero ash except for the natural sugar gum turning into caramel as it burns.

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  • Elements Cigarette Papers Kingsize Ultra Thin Rice (33 Leaves per Pack) Carton (50 Packs per Carton).
    Made from pure rice paper, which has been pressed to make ultra thin rolling papers, creating a slow burning paper.
    Elements Kingsize Ultra Papers burn smoothly producing no ash except the caramel created as the sugar gum burns, this is the result of using a criss-cross imprint.
    Each packet contains 33 leaves,
    Elements King Size Ultra
    Sugar Gum
    Ultra Thin
    Rice Paper
    Weight: 12 g/m2
    33 Leaves Per Pack
    Box Contains 50 Packs
    Size: 110mm x 53mm
    NZ$ 57.50 carton of 50 packs