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  • Imported smoking pipes from around the world.
    A large range of superior quality classic down to economy brands of pipes imported from around the world. For information on the care and correct use of your pipe of any brand you are referred to the Peterson of Dublin page
  • Accessories for briar pipes
    Pipe and tobacco storage. Pipe cleaners and imported pipe cleaning tools. Pipe filters. Side-action lighters for pipes. Pipe stands.
  • Many brands of imported pipe tobacco
    Special tobacco, both mass market and top shelf brands, exclusively for pipe smokers. Remember that the new Government has confirmed the previous Government's 10% Excise Tax increase on Jan 1st. All my pipe tobacco prices have been adjusted as my suppliers will have adjusted theirs on that date.
  • Smoking accessories
    Items such as tobacco pouches, cigarette papers, cigarette filters, cigarette holders, cigarette rolling machines, cigarette loading machines, cigarette and tobacco tins, cigarette packet holders and ash trays.
  • Cigar, cigarette and pipe lighters
    Many brands of gas, fluid & electric, electronic & flint ignition, cigar, cigarette & pipe lighters including 2018/2019 Zippo.
  • Shisha - Select your favorite hookah from the world's finest
    Shisha - The well-known Middle Eastern smoking system where flavoured tobacco or herbs are heated to provide aromatic smoke as a social relaxation. Smoking through a cooling liquid, such as flavoured water, is via flexible hoses and heating is by burning charcoal. See also the vaping method of inhaling aromatic water vapour without smoke or tobacco or nicotine.
  • Cigars -  Select a cigar from the world's finest - Cuba to Holland.
    Cigars from around the world - find your cigar here.
  • Grow Your Own Tobacco in New Zealand
    Packets of locally-grown seeds and all the equipment to prepare your own tobacco for smoking.
  • Nasal snuff is a finely ground, flavored tobacco to be sniffed/snorted.
    Finely ground flavoured tobacco from Wilsons of Sharrow in England for nasal application only. Remember that the new Government has confirmed the previous Government's 10% Excise Tax on Jan 1st. My snuff prices have not yet been increased as my supplier has not yet issued their new wholesale price list.