Pipe Stands and Racks

Stands to support your pipe and help prevent spills.

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  • Pipe Rack for 3-Pipes
    Highly polished wood veneer 3-pipe rack.

    Measures 170mm long X 90mm deep.

    Suitable for all stem types.
    NZ$82.80 each
    NZ$79.95 each
  • Pipe Rack Aztec 3-Piece
    Beautiful pipe rack from Aztec for the protection of 3 of your valuable pipes.
    NZ$45.00 each
    Importer Out of Stock
  • Pipe Rack Aztec 4-Piece
    A beautiful pipe rack from Aztec for the safe protection of 4 of your valuable pipes.
  • Pipe Stands
    Collapsible acrylic pipe stands.
    NZ$5.00 each