Gas Lighter - Walther Hand Gun with Laser

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Gas Lighter - Walther Hand Gun with Laser
Cigar and cigarette butane lighter in the shape of a miniature replica Walther handgun with an operating laser sight on top.
The laser is operated by squeezing the trigger - it is driven by standard replaceable hearing aid batteries in the upper part of the grip which unscrews to accept them.
Ignition of the gas flame is by "cocking" the gun.
Flame is single horizontal gas jet blue flame from the gun barrel.
Refilling is via a nipple, located in the gun handgrip base, which is protected by the normal brass sleeve, slotted to allow screwdriver adjustment of the flame height.
Height: 85mm
Length: 90mm.
All colours need replacement batteries, so price reduced to allow you to get batteries from a $2 shop and insert them yourself.
NZ$ 35.00
NZ$ 20.00 including GST
DTC (Gun Box)
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