Single Dial Barometer with Thermometer & Hygrometer (Black Stain)

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Single Dial Barometer with Thermometer & Hygrometer (Black Stain)
Barometer/Hygrometer & Thermometer set into a beautiful black-stain wood base in a modern version of the classic manner.

Just set the base pointer and tap the glass gently to measure any subtle change in direction to see the weather prediction.

Also shows the humidity reading (on the hygrometer) and the current ambient temperature (on the thermometer).


16cm diameter with a depth of 4cm.

Hangs on the wall in all its elegant beauty.

Will be freighted directly to you via Toll freighters from the exclusive NZ importer.

Please choose the NZ Couriers geographic area ticket for your region, at the freight selection drop down at Checkout.
(South Island can use Longhaul rather than Interisland).
NZ$ 120.75
NZ$ 119.95 including GST
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