Smoking MCM Master (Silver) Regular Doubles 25 Pack

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Smoking MCM Master (Silver) Regular Doubles 25 Pack
MCM MASTER SILVER DOUBLES - For master rollers who enjoy rolling with less paper
Ultrathin, watermerked, slow-burning paper. Contains 60 leaves, size 37 x 70 mm, 13 gr/m2 paper. FSC® certified.
100% natural vegetable gum, with no colourings or other additives. The optimum stick with just one lick.
One of the first in the market with a sticky tab, which comes in handy for sticking your pack to your favourite pouch of tobacco.

Leaf length and width
70x37 mm

No. of leaves per booklet

No. of booklets per display
NZ$ 30.00 including GST
carton of 25 packets
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