Cigarette Filter Friend Refill Cartridges

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Cigarette Filter Friend Refill Cartridges
This product is designed to be used as a cartridge filter replacement inside the Friend range of cigarette holders.
One Friend holder filter cartridge lasts for 15 to 20 full cigarettes before it should be discarded.
The double filtering system reduces unhealthy tar and nicotine while allowing the natural smoke flavour to still come through.
Each replacement filter pack comes with 20 replacement filters.
NZ$ 9.95 including GST
pack of 20
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The first system is an Adhesion Chamber, the second High Polymer Fibre system works together to reduce harmful by products of smoking such as nicotine and tar.
First, a condensation chamber concentrates and accelerates tobacco smoke through tiny air holes, trapping harmful particles.
Second, the Friend filter fibre removes more tar and nicotine as they pass through. The result is a powerful double acting filtering system that leaves tar and nicotine trapped in a neat, no-mess disposable cartridge.