Hamil Al Musk Quick-Light Charcoal Medium (33mm)

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Hamil Al Musk Quick-Light Charcoal Medium (33mm)
A foil wrapped roll of 10 disk shaped, 33mm diameter, tablets of quick lighting charcoal for heating shisha tobacco.
A quick light charcoal which lights very quickly (30 secs) and easily (using a cigarette lighter) and is good value for money.
These charcoal disks may leave ash and crumble on burning but they can be lit with a lighter in 30 seconds compared with the up to 10 minutes required for complete ignition of the accelerant-free coconut charcoals.
Beware of imitations - this is the real deal and is complete with a holographic foil "Original" disc marker on the carton.
NZ$ 5.00
NZ$ 4.60 including GST
10 tablets per roll
Carton Only