Smoking Kingsize Master (Silver) Cigarette Papers

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Smoking Kingsize Master (Silver) Cigarette Papers
Smoking Master
The new silver grade papers from Smoking.
This paper is slowburning and ultra lightweight.
MCM SILVER KINGSIZE PAPERS Ultra-fine, highly transparent leaf.
Wider for those who like traditional cigarettes.
At 13 g/m2, it combines maximum transparency with optimum strength.
Slow-burning, with Smoking® watermark and 33 leaves of 52 x 98 mm per booklet.
With 100% natural Arabic gum and no colourings or other additives.
FSC® Certified.
Leaf length and width
98 x 52 mm
Paper weight
13 g/m2
No. of leaves per booklet
NZ$ 2.20 including GST
pack of 33 leaves
Carton Only