Gizeh Kingsize Cigarette Tubes (5 x 200s = 1000 tubes)

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Gizeh Kingsize Cigarette Tubes (5 x 200s = 1000 tubes)
Pack of 5 cartons of 200 Kingsize filtered cigarette tubes (total 1000 tubes) for most brands of cigarette loading machine (Zen, Ring, Mascotte, Aztec).
Great for rolly and now grow-your-own, tobacco.

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Dimensions of each tube:
Overall length 84mm
Filter length 15mm (included)
Diameter 8mm.
Dimensions of pack of 5 cartons:
Length: 215 mm
Width: 88 mm
Depth: 310mm

Freight requirements:
Special protective packaging will have to be used for these items so freight will require an outer carton with a ticket from NZ Couriers for your geographic area or an NZ Post-supplied carton for NZ Post.
NZ$ 75.00
NZ$ 67.50 including GST
5 cartons of 200 t/b
KPLGIZFT (5-pack)
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