Abo Alabed Charcoal with No-Accelerant 1Kg bag

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Abo Alabed Charcoal with No-Accelerant 1Kg bag
Abo Alabed Shisha Charcoal is natural coal made from olive wood from Syria. It is very popular throughout the Middle East and is used in many shisha bars.

To ignite this charcoal use a specialist shisha lighter or put it on the gas hob or electric hob for 3-5 minutes until it is glowing red.

Please Note: Do not handle the coal when it is glowing, always use tongs to avoid injury.
NZ$ 30.00
NZ$ 19.95 including GST
1kg bag
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Watch this YouTube video to see how to light and use this quality brand of shisha charcoal and why an experienced shisha smoker would want to use it.