Col Conk Natural Shave Cream - Unscented - 160 ml

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Col Conk Natural Shave Cream - Unscented - 160 ml
Rich, silky and luxurious, Colonel Conk's Natural Shave Cream is a premium alternative to our natural shave soap.
An experience to be enjoyed and savored!
Creates the perfect buffer between your skin and the blade with a thick creamy lather with great hang time.
Nutrient rich, long lasting shave cream with beard softening formula for a clean, close shave.
This is the unscented version of the product.
The Colonel Conk Natural Product line is more than 99% natural, with only a minimal amount of preservatives to keep the product fresh on your shelf.
Made in the USA
NZ$ 45.95 including GST
160 ml pottle
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