Col Conk Tea Tree Beard Wash - High Desert Breeze - 180ml

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Col Conk Tea Tree Beard Wash - High Desert Breeze - 180ml
The perfect cleaning and conditioning product for the bearded gentleman!
Every beard makes a unique statement about the man who grooms it.
Now you can make sure that statement is well maintained – and articulate! Col Conk's High Desert Natural Beard Wash combines special shampoo, conditioner, aloe and Argan oil designed especially for facial hair.
Made by cosmetic artisans in small batches in the US, our High Desert Natural Beard Wash moisturizes as it cleanses, not only preserving natural oils but neutralizing any stray or lingering odors facial hair may have picked up.
If you know our High Desert Beard Oil, you might call our High Desert Breeze Beard Wash a fond tribute to our mates in the amazing continent of Australia.
To a dash of cool eucalyptus, we've added tea tree oil, an essential oil long prized by Australians for its natural healing properties and fresh aromatic undertones.
As close to natural as you can get, Col Conk's High Desert Beard Wash has the barest minimum of preservatives to keep the product fresh on your shelf.
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180ml bottle
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