Siglo Cigar Cutter - SEKI Cutter - Yellow

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Siglo Cigar Cutter - SEKI Cutter - Yellow
This Siglo cutter brings style and sophistication to the mundane cutter. Often times, many cutters damage the taste of the cigar due to the bluntness and the messiness the blade creates.
Manufactured in Seki, Japan, this SIGLO Seki Cutter is equipped with a blade masterfully forged by katana craftsmen.
This slick cutter allows smokers a clean swift cut to their cigars with one sharp cut.

- Made in Seki, Japan, home of samurai swords
- Hand finished by expert craftsmen
- Katana sharp blades making clean cuts while leaving the cigar intact
- Hole in the blade to minimize contact and residue
- 22mm diameter hole for big ring gauge cigars
- Small size can fit in wallet
- Comes in leather pouches of 8 different colors: Black, Pure White, Orange, Yellow, Deep Red, Cobalt Blue, Tan, and Burnt Brown.

Dimensions (mm): 50 x 60 x 2.

Siglo provides 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects. Scratches,bluntness of blade or damage as a result or wear and tear are not covered under the warranty. Please send along the copy of the invoice as a proof of purchase.
NZ$ 185.00 including GST
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