Siglo Cigar Cutter - Swivel Cutter - Dragon Chrome

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Siglo Cigar Cutter - Swivel Cutter - Dragon Chrome
In response to their Fans’ high demand, SIGLO presents the new generation of Swivel Punch Cutters with 3 punching sizes.
The 3 punchers are made of quality stainless steel that give a clean and sharp punch to a cigar of 42 to 56 ring gauge.
Simply rotate the Swivel Cutter to select the punch size that you require.
The 3 punchers' diameters are 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.
Grooves on the edge of the cutter cover provide grip for easy rotations.
Available in three designs, Vertical Stripes and from the Dragon series, a shiny dragon is embossed with fine details over a brushed background in black or chrome.

Dimensions (mm): 50 (diameter) x 9.
NZ$ 135.00 including GST
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