Siglo Mini Torch Lighter - Cohiba Yellow

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Siglo Mini Torch Lighter - Cohiba Yellow
The Siglo Mini Torch Lighter in Cohiba Yellow is handy and has a large gas tank for gas storage.
Perfect for casual and sporting occasions.
NZ$ 80.00 including GST
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5 colours: Matt Pearl, Matt Black, Jaguar Green, Glossy White and Cohiba Yellow are now available.
Each lighter is individually packaged in a top-lid translucent gift box, which allows you easy identification of the different colours.

There's a window for checking the gas fluid level and it comes with a retractable cap for safety reasons.
This security cap that covers the igniter prevents any accidental ignition.
The Siglo mini torch lighter also comes with an adjustable flame control at the bottom.

Dimensions (mm): 30 x 21 x 80.