Tobacco Cutter RS100 Plus

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Tobacco Cutter RS100 Plus
The RS100 Tobacco Cutter is made for home grown tobacco and is manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel.
The shredder cuts to 0.8mm in long continuous strands which is perfect for use in tube injectors or for hand rolling.
It has a 100mm feeding area with a chute under the cutters that is easy to rotate.
The cutters are also mounted on ball bearings which extend the life of the machine.
The RS100 tobacco cutter is suitable for a mechanical drive via a 6mm socket as shown. Simply remove the crank handle and attach a mechanical (electric) drive to the socket including the option of a suitably mounted power drill.
An exceptional cutter for the home grower who requires a high quality tobacco cutting machine.
NZ$ 315.00 including GST
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  1. Do not force material into the cutter. If the unit jams, turn the handle backwards slowly to release the material and check the unit for any blockage. The combs, which sit under the rollers, can be removed using a Philips head screwdriver.
  2. Do not put your fingers between the rollers as this could result in injury.
  3. Do not leave unit unsupervised around children.
  4. Leaves should be fed into the cutter singularly to avoid jamming the rollers.

Can be screwed or bolted to a bench for easy operation.

Directional chute can feed to the front or to the rear of the machine.

Manual operation can be modified with locally-sourced parts and a motor (not supplied) to produce automatic operation.

Height: 135mm
Length: 155mm (excl handle)
Width: 80mm
Weight: 1.6kg
Body: Stainless Steel
Crank Handle: Chromed Steel
Cutting Rollers: Stainless Steel
Combs: Stainless Steel
Cutting Area Length: 100mm

Tobacco Cutter RS100 Plus Machine


2 X Tobacco Rollers CILTS025

2 X Tobacco Combs CILTS026

1 X Tobacco Cutter Handle

  • Tobacco Roller RS100 Pair
    NZ$ 150.00 pair
  • Tobacco Comb RS100 Single
    NZ$ 29.00 each