Tobacco Seeds - 1000pk ***** NEW OFFERING*****

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Tobacco Seeds - 1000pk ***** NEW OFFERING*****
Prime Golden Virginia Tobacco seeds harvested fresh each year from a local NZ grower, making them ideal for NZ conditions.
Tobacco plants grow like wildfire once established and produce heavy yields.
NZ$ 10.00 including GST
pack of 1000 seeds
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Each pack contains approximately 1000 golden virginia tobacco seeds that have been batch tested for germination. These seeds are sourced locally and harvested fresh each growing season.

Will grow on almost any soil type, loves heat, rain  and will even stand up to frost. Continues growing through NZ winters and virtually pest resistant, however, they will benefit most when germinated in Spring.

It is legal to buy and sell tobacco seeds. It is legal to grow and smoke your own tobacco to a limit of 15 Kg per year before you need to register and pay Excise Tax on the Tobacco grown.

It is ILLEGAL to sell or distribute tobacco as a finished product.