Peterson Short Pipe Rustic Finish #230 F/Tail

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Peterson Short Pipe Rustic Finish #230 F/Tail
About The Shape
Eschewing the more cylindrical, tubular aesthetic of many of our signature designs, this bent Billiard features a slightly tapered, yet more rounded style of bowl, combined with a muscular shank and transition to maintain our House Style.
Despite these hearty proportions, it remains a compact pipe in terms of overall length, making it an excellent choice for travel.
NZ$ 225.00 including GST
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About The Series

The brainchild of Glen Whelan, our Director of Sales, the Short line transforms a number of our Classic range shapes, cutting back the length of both the stem and the shank to achieve a more compact presentation.
Though not quite nosewarmer in length, the abbreviated style hearkens back to early 20th-century pipe design, making for a vintage, antique aesthetic that reinforces our signature House Style.
Here in the Rusticated finish, each pipe is hand stamped and adorned with a broad silver band.
Length  112mm
 Weight  44g
 Bowl Height  42mm
 Bowl Width  35mm
 Chamber Depth  29mm
 Chamber Width  17mm
 Stem Material  Vulcanite
 Filter  None
 Shape  Bent Billiard
 Finish  Rusticated
 Material  Briar