Peterson System Pipe Standard Range Rustic Finish # 312 with P/Lip

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Peterson System Pipe Standard Range Rustic Finish # 312 with P/Lip
About The Shape
One of our largest and most robust variations on the classic, this bent Billiard offers a generous fire hole with thick insulating walls, as well as a more tubular transition and muscular shank that capture our House Style.
Though bold and substantial, its half-bend lends it a natural impression when clenched in the teeth.
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About The Series

Our flagship line, the System Standard stamp first appeared in 1945, but the entry-level design has been a staple in our catalogues since Charles Peterson secured his final patent in 1898.
Designed to provide a cooler, drier smoke, each pipe features a deep reservoir within the shank to collect excess moisture; a graduated bore mouthpiece that funnels the smoke and allows moisture to collect within the reservoir; a sturdy nickel military mount, which allows the pipe to be broken down and cleaned without damage or warping; and our patented P-Lip bit, which draws the smoke upward, thus reducing tongue bite.
While the P-Lip bit is the traditional choice, we also offer System Standard pipes with fishtail stems.
Available here in a rugged, masculine Rusticated finish.
Length  120mm
 Weight  52g
 Bowl Height  50mm
 Bowl Width  36mm
 Chamber Depth  42mm
 Chamber Width  19mm
 Stem Material  Acrylic
 Filter  None
 Shape  Bent Billiard
 Finish  Rusticated
 Material  Briar