Tobacco Cutting Machines

Having grown your own tobacco, now you need to cut it.

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  • Cuthof Tobacco Cutting Machine and Press
    The world's favorite brand of tobacco cutter to shred your own pressed home-grown tobacco leaves.
    Comes with its own manual press.
    Press, cut and shred your tobacco for your own rollies or better still for your own cigarette tubes for a tidy and appealing look.
    Even load your favorite pipe for that satisfying draw.
    NZ$265.00 set
    Importer Out of Stock
  • Barrel With Blades for Cuthof Tobacco Cutter
    Spare barrel (cutting drum) for use with the Cuthof tobacco cutter.
    Barrel includes 2 X blades.
    NZ$65.00 each
    Importer Out of Stock
  • Blades for Cuthof Tobacco Cutter
    Pair of blades for Cuthof tobacco cutter complete with screws and washers.
    NZ$12.95 each